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Today, a significant share of the gambling entertainment market is occupied by specialized online sites. People like comfort, availability at any time of the day, ease of depositing and withdrawing funds.

However,Whatsapp lottery winner and other lotteries are also in competition for an amateur to try his luck. And sometimes they even blow up the news feed with the level of winnings that go to the lucky ones.

Contests and draws in online casinos are the most modern sphere, where everything is simple, easy and available at any time without waiting for draws. On such sites, the chance of winning is significantly higher, but the level of prizes is much lower because of this. Another thing is the classic lotteries, in which almost none of the participants wins, but the winning itself becomes a grand event. If you like such entertainment, then contests and drawings in the casinos of Belarus will seem interesting to you.

India is the leading country in the field of classic WhatsApp lotteries

It is the Indian that has firmly established itself at the top of the ranking that monitors the volume of lottery payouts. Residents of this country regularly buy relatively inexpensive tickets with the hope of making a big difference in their lives. The two major Indian Lotteries, KBC and WhatsApp lottery, outshine their competitors around the world and any other lotteries in their own country. It was their winners who led the world ranking of the largest lottery winnings.

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Online lottery India              

The unbelievable happened in January 2016. Then just a staggering jackpot amount of more than one crore was won by whatsapps lottery participants. The amount is truly amazing. But fate decreed in such a way that it had to be divided immediately into three winners with their winning tickets, which were purchased in different cities.

World’s Biggest Single Win Jackpot, India

The second place in the world ranking is occupied by a win that could easily be raised even to the first place. Despite the fact that the jackpot is slightly lower it was taken by the only winner with one winning ticket. The lucky guy from mumbai chose to remain anonymous and we don’t judge him for that. Whoever this incredible luck lover turned out to be, he received the largest amount that the lotteries have paid out to one person. And still leads in this parameter,

KBC head office is a WhatsApp lottery that specializes in issuing huge prizes to one lucky person. In this regard, the first place in the ranking of the largest jackpots in the world belongs to the participant of its draws. At the very beginning of 2021, a lucky man from Mumbai hit a huge jackpot in the amount of 1 crore. This victory is also significant due to the jackpot formation process.

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The amount was accumulated thanks to a record long losing streak. The intensity of emotions was the highest, and each new lottery draw turned into a real hassle for most Indian and world gamblers.