5 TRICKS TO WIN THE WhatsApp lottery


5 TRICKS TO WIN THE WhatsApp lottery winner YOU NEED TO KNOW

The reality is {most folks most of the people general public| and the majority of} the World d Health Organization plays the lottery square measure, poor folks.

Find out the distinction between wealthy folks vs. poor people

And consistent with this study, the explanation for this is often that poor folks suppose Whatsapp lottery winner is their best probability for up their monetary state of affairs. This is even though these same folks grasp the chances of winning the random numbers are slim.


  • Keep Your Lottery Ticket Safe
  • Double Check Discarded Lottery Tickets
  • Keep It Fun
  • Take The Lump Sum If You Do Win


Did you recognize that an oversized range of players wins but fail to say their jackpot money?

As a decent rule, you must perpetually store or place your lottery price ticket somewhere safe and simply accessible.

You can conjointly write down the drawing date and time in an exceedingly diary or kind it on your phone to stay tabs.

Ensure that you usually control your numbers, simply to be 100% certain that you just have or haven’t won.

Lottery tickets also can get purloined, thus it’s best to sign them at the rear to prove they belong to you just in case of thieving.

And rather than redeeming your tickets to a store clerk for confirmation, employing a laptop terminal is very counseled to make sure you don’t get duped of your winnings.

Next, take additional care once checking your tickets to make sure you check drawings for the precise dates.

Some folks did not claim their winning tickets because of checking on the incorrect dates.

Finally, you must conjointly create copies of your lottery ticket’s front and back sides just in case one thing happens thereto in transit once cashing in by mail and even contemplate mailing them United Nations exploitation certified mail.


Although unlikely, you’ll still manage to win the second-chance draw with discarded lottery tickets since the majority discards their tickets once losing.

It might get frustrating to control, however, if you have got the time, doing this may pay off at some purpose if luck is on your aspect.

And since the lottery may be a game of possibilities, why not attempt your luck with a discarded lottery price ticket although they provide smaller prizes?

Of course, this shouldn’t be your main strategy, however, it will work practically as an aspect strategy, simply to spice up your odds of winning.


As much as we tend to all wish to possess the winning numbers and acquire the massive prize, it’s necessary to recollect to stay things fun.

The odds of you winning square measure slim, thus you’re best served by memory it’s simply a game.

Be sensible along with your cash thus you’ll get ahead financially however leave some fun cash left over to play the lottery.

We generally play the scratch-off game tickets around the holidays as they create nice stocking stuffers.

The point is, we tend to keep it fun and don’t destroy our finances by making an attempt to probability our lives enjoying the lottery.